Dates: June 3rd-July 26th, 2019
Deadline for applying: November 16, 2018
Structure: 8 week program:

  • 3 weeks mentorship
  • 5 weeks internship

The primary focus of Clark Capital’s Mentoring Internship Program is to develop and coach high performing and motivated college students in the world of asset management, finance, operations and life skills. Over the course of 8 weeks, students will develop skills and competencies across a variety of functional areas within the Firm and engage directly with firm employees and senior leadership. Our program focuses its mentoring and training in three primary areas: coaching, self-directed learning, and on-the-job experience.

1. Coaching

Coaching is an important component of the development process. Through learning opportunities, students will receive direction and constructive feedback. We provide an environment of encouragement, which we believe is vital to the intern’s success. The internship also provides an opportunity to develop relationships with potential mentors and source experts to assist in life and career development.

2. Self–directed Learning

Self-directed learning is a significant and effective life skill. Methods to develop this skill may include reading, attending learning events and reaching out to employees to tap into their knowledge. Motivation to excel should be an internal drive and understood to be an important aspect of growth.

3. On-the-job Experience 

The day-to-day working environment is an excellent source of competency development and significantly enhances classroom knowledge and experiences. Most of the specific work-related knowledge, skills and behaviors are learned in a work environment with colleagues or by exposure to situations where one can acquire knowledge or observe and practice skills and behaviors.

There are an extremely limited number of spots available for this exclusive career development opportunity. To be considered, send your resume and cover letter to Paul Binnion,