Cliff Notes on the Economy

Quarterly Economic and Market Review and Outlook

Each quarter, the Client Portfolio Management Team records a video reviewing the economy and the markets to assist you in conversations with your clients. Watch the video and scroll down for investment ideas in today’s markets.

Economic Gauges

Our latest assessment of key economic indicators

The opinions expressed are those of Clark Capital’s Investment Team and are subject to change without notice.

Implications and Investing Ideas for Today’s Markets

We believe that fundamentals are what matter in the long run, and current fundamentals are positive. Consider these actively managed strategies to help your clients focus on long-term goals and objectives, and not volatility.

Focus on the Fundamentals:

Navigator® High Dividend Equity

As we expect to see elevated levels of capital market volatility in 2020, high quality stocks may outperform their lower quality peers. Navigator® High Dividend Equity seeks to provide current income while investing in high quality companies that we believe will have the ability to achieve stable growth into the future.

Navigator® International ADR

International stocks are currently cheaper than U.S. securities and should benefit from relatively more accommodative central bank policy. Navigator® International ADR can help investors seeking global growth through disciplined, bottom-up stock selection.

Navigator® Taxable Fixed Income

Opportunistic positioning and thoughtful credit selection can help investors get the most out of a changing rate environment. Navigator® Taxable Fixed Income utilizes individual bonds, which can be held to maturity, generating cash flow and returns.

Take a Tactical Approach:

Navigator® Fixed Income Total Return

As interest rates change, we believe investors may benefit from a quantitative approach. Navigator® Fixed Income Total Return targets opportunities and manages risks in fixed income.

Navigator® U.S. Style Opportunity

As the equity markets ebb and flow through a cycle, individual market styles and capitalizations may perform differently. With the ability to allocate between small, mid, and large-cap stocks as well as between growth and value, Navigator® U.S. Style Opportunity can allocate to the areas of the market we believe to be the most rewarding.

Navigator® MultiStrategy

Combining our Navigator® Fixed Income Total Return and Navigator® U.S. Style Opportunity strategies can help investors access a variety of growth opportunities while guarding against undue risk. The strategy is available in three equity/fixed income allocations: 75/25, 50/50, 25/75.

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