2019 Mid-Year Market Outlook Resource Center

How to Prepare Your Clients for the Second Half of 2019

Chief Investment Officer Sean Clark joins Liz Claman to discuss the opportunities and risks investors face in the second half of 2019 and highlights the importance of client communication in today’s market environment.

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Turn Insights Into Action

Strategies that can help investors navigate the second half of 2019

Navigator® High Dividend Equity

As we continue to see elevated levels of capital market volatility, high quality stocks may outperform their lower quality peers. Navigator® High Dividend Equity seeks to provide current income while investing in high quality companies that we believe will have the ability to achieve stable growth into the future.

Navigator® Taxable Fixed Income

Opportunistic positioning and thoughtful credit selection can help investors get the most out of a changing rate environment. Navigator® Taxable Fixed Income utilizes individual bonds, which can be held to maturity, generating cash flow and returns.

Navigator® Fixed Income Total Return

As interest rates change, we believe investors may benefit from a quantitative approach. Navigator® Fixed Income Total Return targets opportunities while managing risks in fixed income.

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