401(k) Solutions

Clark Capital Management Group is pleased to offer the Navigator® 401(k) solutions, which make it possible for participants to invest with confidence, move toward their long term goals, and enjoy some peace of mind. The Navigator® 401(k) solutions provide plan sponsors with the opportunity to offer six professionally managed asset allocation solutions designed to fit the risk level of any participant. Navigator® 401(k)’s innovative investment options provide meaningful diversification and incorporate multiple asset classes, institutional managers, and alternative and international investments, optimized in an effort to meet the client’s long-term needs and goals.


  • Six professionally managed risk based asset allocations
  • Three professionally managed Strategist based asset allocations
  • Meaningful diversification via exposure to alternative asset classes
  • Opportunistic allocations utilizing exchange traded funds
  • An investment management 3(38) fiduciary to oversee fund selection and to defend its decisions
  • Institutional hedging strategy
  • Tailored Investment Policy Statement
  • Fee transparency, total disclosure, nothing hidden

Unique Investment Solutions:

The Navigator® 401(k) Solutions employ a core and explore asset allocation across multiple asset classes and strategies and incorporate alternative asset classes and the option of our hedging strategy called Sentry.

Co-Fiduciary Services:

A plan sponsor can elect to have Clark Capital act as an ERISA Section 3(38) investment manager or co-fiduciary regarding the investment selection and monitoring of the plan. Clark Capital will oversee the selection of fund managers, ETFs, and investments, and monitor each continually to assure adherence to portfolio objectives and risk levels. Clark Capital provides this service at no additional cost when our collective funds are used by the plan.

QDIA Capabilities

The Navigator® Capital Preservation with Sentry and the Navigator® Conservative Growth with Sentry portfolios were specifically designed to meet QDIA requirements. A “true” QDIA should be: non-conflicted, cost-competitive, and transparent. Clark Capital aims to accomplish this by not incorporating proprietary relationships dictating our investment decisions, using low-cost ETFs and not having any hidden costs or fees.

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