Navigator® Global Equity ETF Hedged

Navigate Global Equity with a Hedged Approach

The average individual equity investor has a limited time horizon, and any significant decline in the equity markets can have profound effect on their lifestyle. Navigator Global Equity Hedged portfolio seeks to maximize returns while guarding the portfolio against significant market declines.
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Help Clients Reach Long-Term Goals with Constant Portfolio Protection

Help clients remain committed to long term goals by seeking to ensure that losses are constrained to acceptable levels.

When Sentry is incorporated into a client’s overall portfolio, the hedge is always in place. As a result, the portfolio is protected from unexpected, potentially catastrophic declines.

Maximize Potential Returns while Guarding Against Major Declines

Provide a smoother ride through the equity markets in an effort to reduce extreme ups and downs.

The strategy is designed to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio, enabling investors to enjoy the potentially rewarding returns of the equity markets with less risk. In an up market, the portfolio may exhibit underperformance. In a down market, the strategy is designed to provide protection.

Participate in Global Trends with Lower Volatility

Provide the Benefits of a Non-Correlated, Nontraditional Asset Class that seeks to lower overall Volatility.

We believe our relative strength approach allows us to adapt to changing market themes and is not biased to a traditional style of market capitalization approach.

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