We believe one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of winning high net worth clients is putting together a pitch that creates trust, confidence, and comfort. Drawing on our experience of meeting with high net worth clients for over 35 years, we’ve compiled this guide to help you:

  • Know your prospect
  • Understand the mindset of high net worth investors when they’re evaluating you as their potential advisor
  • Prepare for the pitch
  • Consider questions to ask and steps to take prior to the meeting
  • Deliver on the meeting
  • Discover helpful ways to instill a feeling of comfort and trust
  • Communicate your value
  • Position yourself as an independent advisor to help differentiate from the competition
  • Communicate after the meeting
  • Learn follow-up best practices and how to close the deal

Fill out the form and download the guide today to help create better high net worth client pitches.

Download the guide to creating a better high net worth pitch today.