Case Design

Why Case Design?

The purpose of case design is to encourage collaboration between client, advisor and asset manager to ensure that the client’s investment plan fully supports their overall financial plan.

When you engage in the case design process, you can feel confident that your investment recommendations are aligned with your client’s goals.

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Preparation & Goal Identification

  • Review client’s current financial picture including investment statements, cash flow and taxes
  • Define client’s goals and objectives and set realistic expectations
  • Review income needs and develop an Income NavigatorSM plan


Collaboration: Asset Allocation and Strategy Selection

  • Identify diversification needs
  • Use asset location and tax management in an effort to help clients keep more of what they earn
  • Select investment strategies based on the client’s required rate of return (Personal Benchmark) and review proposal with client


Implementation: Invest, Monitor and Adjust over Time

  • Portfolio Management Team creates an asset allocation portfolio tailored to the individual client
  • Portfolio Managers actively monitor and adjust portfolios as needed
  • You and your Investment Consultant will review client portfolios on an ongoing basis to ensure the client is on track toward their goals

Simplified Income Planning for Your Clients