Diversity & Inclusion

Our team is made up of unique individuals who enhance our culture and strive to make a positive impact that extends beyond investment returns.


Clark Capital is dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion within the financial services sector, to cultivate enhanced equity for all.

Community Engagement

As a family and employee-owned asset manager, we are passionate about serving our clients as well as our community.

In order to create a more inclusive and diverse community, we believe the best starting point is within our education system. Clark Capital is proud to support two non-profit organizations that impact the learning and career journey and lay the groundwork for future employment opportunities as well as life-long financial literacy. Not only is Clark Capital a proud sponsor of these programs, but our employees also generously donate their time and expertise as well. Through hands-on involvement, we aim to create a brighter future for generations to come.

Philadelphia Financial Scholars

Philadelphia Financial Scholars aims to provide Philadelphia high school students, teachers, and families with the tools needed to develop financial skills, build greater wealth and achieve financial empowerment.

The Gateway Foundation

The Gateway Foundation is a nonprofit organization building meaningful change in the financial services industry by advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.