Help Rebuild Puerto Rico


Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you all with some information on the fundraising efforts that I have been working on over the past couple of weeks through this amazing website. I am speechless, in awe, and so incredibly thankful for the support that I have received and all of you that have donated and offered to help. We have raised so far over $125K, and continue to raise more funds every day. As I mentioned from the start, my goal was (and remains) to make sure that every dollar received here from you is spent in a direct way for the people of Puerto Rico. We have used your donations to purchase large quantities of the items listed here, which we are shipping out, today, in a large container from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, which will arrive Saturday morning. This container contains the following items (in large quantities) – all directly purchased with your generous donations:

  • Solar powered lamps
  • Cooking stoves
  • Propane cylinders (for the stoves)
  • Medication that is urgently needed

I will be going to Puerto Rico on Monday, October 23rd to personally collect the container, unpack it, and distribute these items to those that so desperately need it. This is the first trip to come and bring help, and it certainly won’t be the last one…

Thank you again to EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF YOU who so generously donated and will be donating moving forward, it means the world to me.

– Monica Puig ❤️

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