HIAS Pennsylvania



HIAS Pennsylvania supports low-income immigrants of all backgrounds as they build new lives in the community. Through immigration legal services and an array of social services, they work to address their needs, defend their rights, and advocate for their equitable inclusion in American society.


Values are based on the core Jewish beliefs of “welcoming the stranger” and tzedakah (generosity, charity and fairness). HIAS Pennsylvania views newcomers as valuable resources, not burdens to the community. They believe in the dignity of the individual. They believe in compassion, empathy, tolerance, and respect. All of this is embodied in their commitment to a multicultural society.


From their first steps on American soil to the oath of citizenship, HIAS Pennsylvania helps immigrants navigate the complexities of American society and its legal system. Their work across spans legal, social support, and citizenship services. They also advocate for immigrant issues and rights and educate the community about immigration.

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