Lamancha Animal Rescue


Welcome to LaMancha Animal Rescue is a qualified public charity under IRS section 501(c)3. LaMancha maintains a forty-five acre facility for rescuing dogs, cats, pigs, goats, horses, and the occasional exotic animal that requires more space or specialized knowledge than most SPCAs can offer. They have two heated and air-conditioned kennels for dogs, each dog is housed in a run where they have indoor/outdoor access. There is a heated and air-conditioned building dedicated to cats, which is free range, no cages. LaMancha is staffed primarily with volunteers, currently an active list of approximately two hundred. These volunteers care for the animals, exercise the dogs, either on walking trails, or large exercise
fields. They try and take in the harder-to-place dogs, that wouldn’t have a good chance to be adopted in public shelters. They have gained a reputation for saving and rehoming Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, known in North America as the Great Pyrenees. These large dogs are known for their gentle temperament as well as their independent streak. When you visit LaMancha, the famous “white dogs of LaMancha” are usually amongst the first to greet you.

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