Restore Salon Services


A Philadelphia stylist, Richard Cornish, began his journey at CHOP in 2018 going from room to room providing salon services to children and their parents. This not only gave them a nice new cut or style, but a bit of normalcy in such abnormal situations. For some time, I had the opportunity to assist Richard in providing this service which is why this nonprofit holds such a special place in my heart as I watched the joy it brought to children and the relaxation it brought to their parents. After years of providing this service at CHOP, Richard decided he wanted to expand this service to all over Philadelphia.

Restore Salon Services is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2022. The mission of Restore is to help empower healing and affirmation through the art of hairstyling and haircutting with the special touch that it takes to provide those services to individuals and their families. RSS goal is to restore confidence, and normalcy in an otherwise abnormal situation, as well as restore a sense of self love, independence, and power to a fragile population that all too often find themselves powerless.

Restore will provide haircuts, barber cuts, blowouts, gender affirmation, oncology requests, and any special requests in Philadelphia wherever these services may be needed, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and even individuals homes.

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