Saint Vincent DePaul Society


Saint Vincent DePaul Society (SVDP) is an all volunteer group of 18 men and women affiliated with St Edmunds Catholic Church in Rehoboth Beach, DE. They provide individual attention and counseling to others in need within the immediate Rehoboth Beach area. Assistance is based on need not church or organizational affiliation. The major areas they assist people with are rent, utilities, prescriptions and food. They can assist in other areas such as car payments or car insurance but these are exceptions. Their monetary limit per client is $250 no more than 2x annually. Majority of their clients are referred by other social service agencies, website, church bulletins or word of mouth. Their members conduct individual interviews and complete a fact finder to verify all information. Once the interview is complete, they consult with their Treasurer and President to secure approval prior to committing. Approval is typically within 12 hours. The major source of revenue comes from the collection plates at St Edmunds which they get 2x per year. These collections are during the summer months when tourism inflates church attendance. Other sources of revenue come from private donations, from local businesses, individuals or organizations. All the money is spent on their clients, they have no overhead nor do they accept reimbursement for travel or food purchased for their food bank. Every cent goes directly to those in need. The church provides space for meetings and their food pantry. Over the past fiscal year (9/18 – 9/19), they served 357 neighbors, provided food for 85 families and provided $125 for 125 children for back to school clothes in conjunction with Kmart. At the beginning of the school year, they will be providing backpacks with school supplies to 75 children. They are blessed with an awareness that their good fortune should be shared with others not so fortunate.

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