Investment Team

Harry J. Clark
Harry Clark, CFP®
Executive Chairman
K. Sean Clark
K. Sean Clark, CFA®
EVP, Chief Investment Officer
Steven Grant, CFP®
Co-Head of Fixed Income
David J. Rights
Director of Research
Tony Soslow, CFA®
Senior Portfolio Manager
Maira F. Thompson
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jamie Mullen
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jon Fiebach
SVP, Head of Cross Asset Management, Co-Head of Fixed Income
Robert S. Bennett, Jr.
Portfolio Manager
Alexander Meyer, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Neal DeBonte
Portfolio Manager
Glenn Dorsey, CFA®, CAIA®
SVP, Head of Client Portfolio Management
Devin Dougherty
Director of Product Management & Development
Scott Swickard, CFA®
Senior Equity Analyst
Kevin Bellis, CFA®
Vice President, Fixed Income
Marek Hlinka, CFA®
Equity Analyst
Shehryar Amir
Equity Analyst

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