Opportunity Update Commentary
2Q 2019— Stocks Say We Are in Paradise, but Bonds Say Something Else — Which Is Right?
July 17, 2019

Markets staged a fierce rally in the first quarter and followed through with further gains in the second quarter, despite a…

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Multi-Strategy Commentary
2Q 2019 — Range of Outcomes as Wide as Ever — but Be Sure to Include a Continuing Bull Market
July 16, 2019

What a turnaround it has been for markets over the last six months. December saw a fierce decline driven by fears…

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Tax-Free Fixed Income Commentary
2Q 2019 — Tax-Free Fixed Income
July 11, 2019

A lower and flatter yield curve took center stage for tax-free bonds through the first quarter of 2019, taking an encore from the sound performance during the back half of 2018.

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High Dividend Equity Commentary
2Q 2019— The Search for Yield Continues
July 11, 2019

The market reversed course in the first quarter with the S&P 500 Index climbing 13.1% after a bruising fourth quarter decline which narrowly missed the 20.0% bear market territory.

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SMA Fixed Income Commentary
Q2 2019 SMA Fixed Income Commentary— How Can You Just Leave Us Standing? Alone in a World with Rates so Low…
July 11, 2019

If the health of the U.S. economy remains on solid ground, then the speed and direction of the Fed policy change this year is quite interesting.

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Taxable Fixed Income Commentary
2Q 2019— Taxable Fixed Income
July 10, 2019

Fixed income returns were robust during the quarter based on the Fed’s change in messaging to a dovish stance.

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Fixed Income Total Return Commentary
2Q 2019 — The Pivot is Almost Complete
July 10, 2019

“Don’t fight the Fed” is a common axiom among investors that has relevance in today’s market environment. After a brief trade…

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Benchmark Review
Benchmark Review & Monthly Recap, June 2019
July 2, 2019

Dovish Fed Spurs June Rally Highlights: The S&P 500 Index achieved a new all-time high and enjoyed a strong rally (the…

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Mid-Year Market Outlook
2019 Mid-Year Market Outlook Commentary
June 26, 2019

Charting the Course: Navigating a Maturing Economic Cycle Highlights: We believe we will see continued economic growth (although at a slower…

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Market Outlook
2019 Mid-Year Market Outlook Resource Center
June 25, 2019

How to Prepare Your Clients for the Second Half of 2019Chief Investment Officer Sean Clark joins Liz Claman to discuss the... Read More