Navigator® All Cap Core U.S. Equity

Navigate U.S. All Cap Stocks with a Disciplined, Research-Backed Approach to Security Selection

Investors seeking long-term growth across U.S. market capitalizations may benefit from a disciplined and consistent process – one that actively seeks to identify a wide spectrum of opportunities while attempting to avoid taking excess risk. Navigator® U.S. All Cap Core focuses on what we believe are high quality, undervalued companies with improving business prospects.
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Invest in Undervalued Companies in Pursuit of Long-Term Growth

Generate consistent excess returns over a full market cycle.

Investing in companies with sustainable and durable competitive advantages may help investors achieve their desired long-term investment goals. The strategy identifies companies that have low earning variability which we believe demonstrates that they are likely to survive recessions and are likely to thrive on the recoveries that follow.

Utilize a Disciplined, Research-Backed Process to Drive Returns

Strive for growth by exploiting the three primary factors of equity returns.

Our proprietary research has shown that three factors influence equity risk and returns: superior anti-fragility (durable competitive advantage), value and improving business prospects. The strategy applies the research in an effort to generate returns in excess of the benchmark.

Participate in Growth with Risk Management

Seek to deliver Long-Term Capital Appreciation.

The strategy seeks to have lower overall portfolio risk, as measured by beta or volatility, compared to its benchmark. While portfolios are subject to economic and earnings risk, the manager seeks to invest in companies with a reputation for anti-fragility, reliability and the ability to operate profitably in good times and bad.