Navigator® Fixed Income Total Return

Navigate Fixed Income with a Tactical Approach

As interest rates change, Clark Capital believes investors may benefit from a nontraditional, quantitative approach that targets opportunities and manages risk in fixed income.
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Seek Total Return

Provide investors the potential for higher returns by identifying market leadership and constantly pursuing alpha.

The strategy utilizes a relative strength, momentum based approach to identify the leading fixed income sector(s).

Aim to Reduce Portfolio Risk

Manage portfolio risk through the ability to shift to safer fixed income sectors when necessary.

The strategy seeks to minimize downside risk through its ability to shift out of lower quality areas when needed and invest in high quality debt and/ or cash.

Take a Tactical Fixed Income Approach

Utilize a quantitative and repeatable investment process to maintain a durable portfolio through various market cycles.

The strategy utilizes a tactical approach, making adjustments for today’s markets. It uses an asset allocation policy that seeks to rotate among: 1) High Yield 2) U.S. Treasuries 3) Cash Equivalents.