Navigator® Global Balanced 20-80-SA

Tactically Navigate the Markets with an Active Global Approach

The world’s financial markets offer a variety of growth opportunities, but they also present a number of unique challenges and risks. Clark Capital believes investors may benefit from a dynamic asset allocation that actively pursues opportunities while guarding against undue risk.

Participate in Global Equity Trends

Allocate to areas of the equity markets that are outperforming their peers.

Grounded in a quantitatively-based relative strength research process, the strategy seeks to exploit leading global trends and move away from lagging trends in: 1) U.S. market capitalizations/styles 2) industry sectors/sub-groups 3) international countries/regions

Utilize a Flexible Bond Approach

Seek higher returns with the option to shift to safer fixed income sectors.

The strategy has the ability to shift out of lower quality areas when needed and invest in high quality debt and/or cash. Its asset allocation policy rotates among: 1) low quality debt 2) short-term U.S. Treasuries 3) high quality debt

Obtain Low Volatility Equity Exposure

Attempt to stabilize client portfolios by constraining losses.

Help clients remain committed to long-term goals by seeking to constrain losses to acceptable levels. When the hedge is incorporated into a client’s overall portfolio, the protection is always in place. As a result, the portfolio is always guarded from unexpected, potentially catastrophic declines.