Navigator® Global Risk Management

Navigate Global Markets with a Tactical Approach

Global equity and fixed income markets offer a variety of growth opportunities, but they also present a number of unique challenges and risks.Clark Capital believes that investors may benefit from a disciplined, quantitatively managed tactical asset allocation approach that actively pursues “risk-on” opportunities while guarding against undue “risk-off” environments.

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Tactically Allocated to Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities

Utilize a quantitative relative strength research process to identify growth opportunities in global equities and fixed income.

The strategy is grounded in a quantitatively-based relative strength research process. It seeks to identify and participate in the leading global investment trends and move away from underperforming trends.

Manage Volatility and Protect Principal

Seek to avoid “risk-off’ market environments.

When allocated to a risk-off position, the strategy has the ability to shift up to 95% of the portfolio into Treasuries or cash in an effort to provide downside protection.

Maintain the Investor’s Appropriate Risk Allocation

Multiple risk allocations available to meet the goals and objectives of the individual investor.

The strategy is available in three risk allocation profiles: Conservative, Moderate and Growth.