Navigator® Global Tactical

Tactically Navigate Global Asset Classes

The world’s financial markets offer a variety of growth opportunities, but they also present a number of unique challenges and risks. Clark Capital believes investors may benefit from a tactical approach to navigating the global markets; one that seeks to provide growth while protecting investors from undue risk.
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Tactically Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities

Goal: Allocate to global asset classes that are outperforming their peers on a relative basis.

The strategy is grounded in a quantitatively-based relative strength research process. It seeks to identify and participate in the leading global investment trends and move away from underperforming trends.

Manage Volatility and Protect Principal

Goal: Seek to avoid underperforming global asset classes with an unconstrained approach.

The strategy has the ability to allocate 100% of the portfolio in any global asset class, including cash, in an effort to provide global participation with downside protection.

Access a Wide Range of Global Asset Classes

Goal: Navigate all market environments by monitoring a wide range of investable asset classes.

The rapidly changing global marketplace demands a flexible approach that can identify and exploit market and economic conditions.