Navigator® High Dividend Equity

Navigate the U.S. Equity Markets with a Focus on Dividend Growth

We believe it is prudent to focus on dividend growth through fundamental analysis, company business model attribution, and the ability of companies to maintain their stated competitive advantages.
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Target Dividend Growth and Capital Appreciation

Seek consistent dividend income and capital appreciation.

The strategy seeks to provide current income while investing in high quality companies that we believe will have the ability to achieve stable growth into the future. The strategy seeks to offer a lower volatility approach to the equity markets with higher dividend yield than the S&P 500.

Seek Out Superior Business Models and Growing Dividends

Focus on long-term total return with reduced standard deviation.

Since 1929, dividends have contributed 42.9%* of the total return of the stock market. We believe that investing in companies with sustainable dividend policies and strong fundamentals for capital appreciation is an important factor in achieving attractive returns. *Ned Davis Research

Foster Sustainable Long-Term Growth

Help clients remain committed to long-term goals.

The strategy strives to provide an optimal combination of capital appreciation and dividend income while attempting to mitigate downside risk in order to encourage clients to stay committed to their financial plan.