Navigator® International Equity Strategic Beta

Navigate the International Equity Markets with a Factor Based Approach

We believe investors should seek exposure to the broad international equity market in order to achieve long-term portfolio growth. This portfolio serves as the international equity anchor or core of a diversified portfolio, and seeks a wide diversity reflective of all market capitalizations and styles of the domestic equity market.
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Provide Capital Appreciation

Goal: Provide equity exposure to help investors maintain and grow wealth

The U.S. financial markets offer a variety of growth opportunities. This strategy invests across the international equity markets using a factor based approach to provide investors the opportunity for growth.

Deliver Equity Exposure with a Rules-Based Approach

Goal: Navigate all market environments by identifying the factors that are driving performance

We believe different factors (i.e. size, momentum, volatility) drive equity risk and return and these characteristics change over time. A strategic approach to identifying these factors is important in achieving attractive returns.

Intelligently Diversify Across International Equities

Goal: Maintain a broad based strategic allocation of International Equities

As the equity core of a portfolio, this strategy seeks to provide intelligent diversification to the international equity markets.