Navigator® International Opportunity

Navigate the International Equity Markets with a Disciplined, Growth-Oriented Approach

The international equity markets provide a wealth of investment opportunities. Clark Capital’s disciplined, quantitative relative strength methodology pursues performance through strategic rotation across foreign countries and regions.
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Pursue Maximum Returns through Targeted Global Equity Market Exposure

Build the optimal portfolio that we believe will adapt throughout changing market cycles.

Portfolios are allocated to international markets that appear to have the potential for producing exceptionally strong performance in the near future.

Take Advantage of Developed and Emerging Market Opportunities

Seek to capitalize on arising opportunities and avoid undue risk.

Portfolio Managers carefully construct a portfolio that considers both developed and emerging market opportunities. Security weightings are adjusted to take advantage of emerging market opportunities as they arise and to harvest gains as they mature.

Monitor and Adjust the Strategy in Response to Changing Markets

Provide a flexible and responsive approach to global equity investing.

Clark Capital’s portfolio management team is scrupulous in its monitoring of the markets and portfolio securities and is ever poised to capitalize upon arising opportunities or to replace securities that are no longer optimal for the portfolio.