Navigator® Option Enhancement Strategy

Designed to Reduce Risk, Generate Income, and Help Investors Diversify

For many high net worth investors, a single stock represents too high a percentage of their overall portfolio, exposing them to unnecessary risk. With the Navigator Option Enhancement strategy, investors can capture additional income while systematically reducing single-stock risk.
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Achieve Diversification Over Time

Goal: Build the optimal portfolio by diversifying out of concentrated holdings

The strategy helps clients with a high percentage of their assets in a single stock slowly reduce this concentration and transition into a more appropriate investment allocation.

Maximize Income through Covered Call Options

Goal: Generate option premium income to increase total return via a covered call strategy

The strategy is designed to increase the current yield of the portfolio through an actively managed covered call strategy.

Customize to Investor Goals

Goal: If the investor wishes to retain the stock, minimize the risk that it will be called away

The strategy is highly customized, allowing investors to continue to hold the stock if desired or let it be called away.