Navigator® Tax Free Fixed Income

Navigate Tax-Free Fixed Income with Individual Municipal Bonds

As interest rates change, an active strategy focused on adding value may deliver better client outcomes. Clark Capital believes investors will benefit from a disciplined active approach to security selection that is designed to deliver income with below average risk.
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Exploit Inefficiencies in the Municipal Markets with Active Management

Actively seek attractive opportunities in the current environment.

The strategy is based on the conviction that fundamental analysis provides greater value than speculating through interest rate forecasting. Changing expectations about the shape of the yield curve, credit spreads, and sector valuations within an already fragmented muni market can create pockets of value and opportunity.

Utilize a Disciplined Approach to Eliminate Uncompensated Risk

Aims to provide long-term, risk adjusted returns.

The portfolio seeks to achieve strong adjusted returns by building a curated portfolio of individual bonds. Intermediate maturities may offer attractive yields at a lower level of risk than longer-term securities.

Add Value in a Changing Rate Environment with Individual Bonds

Seek to constantly build par value.

Because interest rates do not rise or fall in a linear fashion, our active approach seeks to take advantage of opportunities by building par value. The strategy seeks to take advantage of price inefficiencies during interest rate changes or volatility.