Navigator® U.S. Sector Opportunity

Navigate U.S. Equities with a Targeted Sector Rotation Strategy

As the equity markets ebb and flow through a cycle, the individual sectors within the economy perform differently. Clark Capital believes investors can benefit from an active sector rotation strategy that seeks to identify market trends and invest in sectors exhibiting strength relative to their peers.
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Invest in Sectors and Industries Exhibiting Strength

Strive to achieve growth by investing in outperforming sectors

The strategy seeks to maximize returns through a rigorous, quantitatively driven investment process that adapts to changing economic and market regimes.

Avoid Economic Sectors Exhibiting Weakness

Seek to manage downside risk by avoiding underperforming sectors

By avoiding areas of weakness in the market, the strategy seeks to limit downside exposure, taking a “winning by not losing” approach.

Monitor and Adjust in Response to Changing Markets

Provide a flexible and responsive approach to equity investing

Sectors and industry groups within the domestic equity markets are constantly changing in response to external forces. The strategy seeks to monitor and exploit the inefficiencies in the markets