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The Next Generation in Unified Managed Accounts

Philadelphia, PA — Clark Capital Management Group, an independent, employee-owned investment advisory firm, has introduced the Personalized UMA (PUMA®). The PUMA® allows financial advisors to hand pick the most appropriate individual Clark Capital strategies and combine them into a single account. It is designed to help financial advisors address the unique needs of their clients in a more scalable and efficient way.

Since 2007, the firm has offered Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs), combining multiple asset classes and strategies into one account. The UMAs, like other industry UMAs, are model-driven and limited in their customization capabilities.

“Today’s client demands more versatility and customization and we want to give advisors what they need to meet those expectations,” said Harry Clark, CFP®, Chairman and CEO. “It is absolutely essential to address scalability and simplicity when providing personalized services. We believe the Personalized UMA will help advisors deliver a more positive and more relevant client experience. It can help advisors connect the financial plan directly to the client’s goals and objectives.”

The Personalized UMA offers:

  • The ability to hand pick and combine Clark Capital strategies into a single account
  • The flexibility to adjust the portfolio to meet clients’ changing needs without repapering the account
  • Simplified household level performance reporting

“The PUMA® enables our portfolio managers to combine their efforts in a much more targeted way”, said Sean Clark, CFA® and Chief Investment Officer. “We’ve been managing UMA assets for years from a risk standpoint; now we can deliver a truly client-centered strategy.”

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*As of 3/31/2014

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