Income Planning

How much retirement income can your clients’ lifetime savings deliver?
With Income Navigator, you can connect clients’ investments to their long term income needs in a way that is relevant, easy-to-understand, and can help your clients prepare for their retirement needs.

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Case Design

Clark Capital’s collaborative process helps ensure your client’s investment plan fully supports their overall financial plan, so that you can feel confident that your investment recommendations are aligned with the client’s goals.

Potential Benefits to You and Your Clients

  1. Helps prevent clients from emotional decision making
  2. Provides comprehensive coverage for each phase of the investor life cycle in a personalized investment plan
  3. Helps clients remain committed to their investment plan so they can succeed regardless of whether markets go up or down

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Personal Benchmarks

Help clients stay focused on their unique needs – not just on market results. Using personal benchmarks, you can align investments with specific goals the client wishes to fund, such as college for a child or leaving a legacy.


World-Class Investment Capability

As a leading asset management firm, Clark Capital is focused on delivering results for advisors and investors. Our tenured, dedicated Investment Team constantly monitors the markets, providing access to what we believe are the best investment techniques and vehicles available. For more information on our investment strategies, click here.

Advanced PUMA® Technology

Today’s high net worth client has complex needs and high expectations. It takes time to build the credibility and mutual understanding you need to become their trusted advisor. That’s why we’re here to help.

Custom Tailored Portfolios Starting at $500k

  • Individual Stocks and Bonds Keep Costs Low
  • Income Planning, Tax Management, and Personal Benchmarks Help You Serve High Net Worth Investors
  • Regional Investment Consultant Support and Direct Access to Portfolio Managers

Asset Location & Tax Management

Help clients keep more of what they earn. With Clark Capital’s asset location services, we’ll work with you to ensure that clients’ investments are properly allocated across household registrations.


Tax Transition Strategies

Customized Tax Management

  • Tax Transition Strategies
  • Tax Loss Selling
  • State Tax Preference for Municipal Bonds

Concentrated Holdings Management

  • Covered Call Writing