Business Development

Joshua Lowry
Systems Analyst
Shawn Snyder
Trade Operations Specialist
Kevin Sanago
Staff Accountant
Jennifer Carney
Executive Assistant
Colleen D’Lauro
Senior Solutions Architect
Justin Wilkins, CMA®
Senior Financial Analyst
OIivia Williams
New Account Liaison
Brian Wadley
VP Trade Operations
Albert Lerro
Trade Operations Specialist
David Rikard
Trade Operations Specialist
Tom Hatton
Senior Trade Operations Specialist
Ken Lovely
Data Architect
Marilyn Sieger
Office Assistant
Bonnie Steczynski
Senior New Account Liaison
Colleen Rowley
Director of Operations
Elena Rose
Quality and Assurance Audit Specialist
Michael Lerario
Fixed Income Operations Associate
Denny Kwak
Fixed Income Operations Associate
Colin Kravitz
New Accounts Operations Specialist