Ron is an Engagement Consultant with Clark Capital Management Group in the mid-west and western part of the United States. He is responsible for supporting Clark Capital’s partnerships with wealth advisors in their dedication to affluent families, high net worth individuals, foundations, and retirement plans. He and his Partners specialize in providing highly customized and long-term investment solutions with a level of sophistication typically reserved for high net worth and institutional investors. Ron assists his Partners in building their ideal wealth counseling practice and supports advisors with the tools, techniques and degree of service that allows them to focus on their clients’ needs and financial security.

He served in a variety of roles during a 22 year career with Merck and Co. Inc. including product marketing, sales and sales management and business analytics. Ron began his career with Bristol Myers Squibb, after graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.B.A in Marketing from St. Joseph’s University.


Office: 215.618..8108
Cell: 610.952.7176
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